Woman slams Nigerian men, says she feels sorry for those stuck dating them

A woman has slammed Nigerian men, saying she feels sorry for the women who are stuck dating them.

The lady with Twitter handle, @Loladesue is certainly not quite pleased let alone interested with Nigerian men.

She took to her Twitter timeline to make her views about Nigerian men clear.

In the tweet, she calls Nigerian men “Unexposed, belligerent, unteachable desperately unrepentant dimwits.”

Loladesue also revealed she is quite sorry for the women who are stuck dating, sleeping and dealing with this so-called dimwits.

See what she wrote below;

“I have said it before and I will say it again. I genuinely feel bad for Nigerian women stuck dealing with, sleeping with and dating Nigerian men, I wish you all had better options.

The average Nigerian man is an unexposed, belligerent, unteachable, desperately unrepentant dimwit.”

Her tweet has since stirred up controversy with many people lashing out at her for making such notion, most especially the guys, though, a number of women have said they agree with her tweet.

See some replies below;

@UcheNwaeze1 – Wow that’s harsh for the average of us all Nigerian men. Question, where is your father, brothers, cousins and uncles in this divide? Would have rather been with the likes of POTUS?

@Ambitiousafam – The sweet thing about this tweet is that most women we have in Nigeria fight with themselves over these same average Nigerian men who are unexposed, belligerent, unteachable, desperately unrepentant dimwits. The irony

@onlyteda – If only you can tell your dad his wife deserves better than an average Nigerian man 😂

@omohtee12 – I really hate this analysis is ‘we attract what we are’. There are so many good people stucked with the worst partners and that doesn’t mean they are bad to, neither has the sad experiences changed them.

Sometimes people just love d wrong person.

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