Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo Are Now officially Dating? (See Photos)

These photos can’t be from a movie scene… I think there’s more to it than it meets the eyes.

Have you guys noticed the closeness between John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson?

It looks like Mr Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson are no longer hiding their feelings towards each other as their supposed love becomes stronger which makes us more curious, but be assured that any latest news on that, we got you.

They were recently spotted together and as usual the highly elated Ms Nelson posted the videos and photos on instagram.

See more photos Below….




  1. Y do u ppl always tink dt takin a pix wt sm1 means dy both r dating? 4 Christ’s sake u guys shld stp ol ds….abi na una wan force dem 2 date??….ah!…na wa oo

  2. Wow dey rily luk gud 2geda,wish dey cld date coz miss yvonne nelson has had so many relationship issues in d past,I rily tink John dumelo is her mr right

  3. we need more proof if you ask me. pictures mean nothing. you can never judge a book by its mere cover, we all need to wait till they come out openly to say it. Nothing can stay hidden under the sun forever.

  4. It will have been nice but I doubt it. See how Yvonne was shying away in the pictures. It was just a game. I like the two of them and I pray that is so…………

    Oscar D

  5. They look beautiful together… Who’s business is it anyway if they are dating or just friends. Minding ur own business should be a full time job, so gossipers stay employed. Yvonne Nelson i love u girl.

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