Zimbabwean Teenager Commits Suicide After Her Nigerian Boyfriend Rejected Her Pregnancy


A Zimbabwean student studying at Cyprus International University (CIU) allegedly committed suicide in her apartment after her Nigerian boyfriend, who is studying at the same institution, impregnated her and denied responsibility Via Chronicles.co.zw

Elizabeth Choto, 27, hanged herself on a bunk bed in her apartment at the institution last Friday following a misunderstanding with her unidentified Nigerian boyfriend over pregnancy.

The boyfriend allegedly denied responsibility and broke up with her immediately.

CIU confirmed the incident through its blog ciuconnect.blogspot.com saying police were still investigating the matter.

“A Cyprus International University female Zimbabwe student Miss Elizabeth Choto has committed suicide. It has been confirmed that the student was resident in CIU apartment A2 Block.

“We urge all students to remain calm as the police is investigating the true cause of her death. An autopsy is currently ongoing on her body and an official statement will be released by the University International Centre tomorrow Saturday 5th November 2016. We will keep the general public posted.”

CIU Nigerian Students’ Union president Ifeoluwa Wole-Wosho also confirmed the tragic incident saying what had happened was regrettable.

Posting on his Facebook page, Wole-Wosho said there was need for Africans in the diaspora to treat each other with respect and as family.

“The events of today weighed heavily upon my heart. Today, in CIU we lost a colleague, a friend and sister Miss Elizabeth Choto. I do not intend to speculate about the cause of her death. I would just like to send my condolences to her family, her friends and all the Zimbabwean community in CIU. I speak for all Nigerian students at CIU when I say we mourn with you”.

A Zimbabwean student at the university who spoke on condition of anonymity said Choto fell pregnant by her Nigerian boyfriend but he immediately denied responsibility when she informed him prompting the woman to take her own life.

“I know Choto because we are in the same union of Zimbabweans studying at CIU. We were the first to know of her death and we were running around as fellow countrymen.

“What happened is that she had a misunderstanding with her Nigerian boyfriend after she informed him that she was pregnant. The boyfriend immediately broke up with her and denied responsibility. She committed suicide and was found dead in her hostel,” said the source.

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